Who We Are

We have been in the building and property market for over 30 years. From the early days, we’ve been passionate about recycling and sustainability. We offer a service that not only benefits you with significant savings but also reduces our environmental footprint while reducing our water consumption.

We have over the years recycled and still continue to recycle timber, bricks, sandstone, steel and where possible we will try to give something a new lease on life.

We have discovered that people demolish their homes and dump good bricks that could be reused on a new development.

We have come across many sites being demolished, renovated or a simple backyard clean up resulting in walls of bricks and sandstone being removed and dumped. Let’s work together to stop these from ending up in landfill. 

Your old bricks are still valuable and can be reused!

What We Do

Send A Photo

Send us a photo before you start work on your project or the bricks you need removing

Recieve a Quote

We'll put a value on the bricks you want to get rid of and make you an offer

Get Paid

We will pay top dollar for your unwanted bricks and save you money on hiring a skip

Drop the Product Off

You can the arrange for the bricks to be dropped off at our workshop!

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